Sunday, March 29, 2015
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Native American Music

Echoes of the Heart - CD Cover Image

Native American Music Awards nominee
Robert Tall Tree

This collection of hauntingly beautiful songs is a MUST-have!

– Robert Peaslee
American Indian Music Review

Native American Music Awards
nominee Best Flutist

Native American Flute Music

Some years back my wife and I were at an Indian Pow Wow. At our booth, we would display various art and Native American jewelry. We also used to keep a small CD player to allow passer-bys an opportunity to hear our recordings.

This fine, sunny day we had the privilege of meeting Frankie. Frankie is not your typical child. You see, Frankie is hearing-impaired and was in a wheel chair due to his multiple physical challenges.

I would say he was probably about ten, or maybe twelve years old. It was hard to tell because of his small, fragile body. His mother was pushing him gently across the grassy lawn when she decided to stop at our booth.

I watched her as she lovingly removed Frankie’s hearing aids and placed the headphones on his golden brown head. Frankie’s bright blue eyes became excited as he gestured to his mother in the only language he knew. His mother, looking perplexed, signed back to him.

I could see he was getting frustrated, as he re-signed the same gestures back to his mother and then went back to listening to our recording. His mother, now with tears flowing down her face said, “I asked Frankie (with sign language) what did he hear? As you could see, I was unclear what Frankie was trying to tell me. But now I’m sure…he said, ‘I hear God.’”

You know, I’ll never know what little Frankie heard. Native American flute music can take you to another place. Some people say that our traditional flutes go beyond the frequency of our hearing. I’m just glad that I have the opportunity to be part of Frankie’s hearing God.

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“When the Eagle Flies
TallTree and the All Nations Band

Native American Music "When the Eagle Flies" by Robert and Terri TallTree and The All Nations Band

This recording is a celebration of symbol and spirit and reminds its audience that we are all connected; that creation is connected; and unity is a primary value. When the Eagle Flies, created by TallTree and The All Nations Band, demonstrates a deep commitment to Native American culture and tradition

- Dawn Pelligrew
Indian Country Today

Whenever we’re out on tour doing concerts, seminars and training programs, people ask if we have recorded any of the inspired songs that we sing, such as “The Warrior Song” and “There Is Hope”.

YES! Now you can get these songs – and many others – on our When the Eagle Flies CD.


This collection of contemporary Native American songs was recorded and mastered by Grammy award-winning studio producer Chet Bennett. He’s worked with some of the finest in the music industry, including Roy Orbison, Bruce Springsteen, The BeeGees, Percy Sledge and many, many more.

While recording the song “Missing Dreamer,” Chet was moved to tears. He said it gave him hope of finding true love in his life. He told us, “Mark my words, this is going to be a movie soundtrack.”

Countless times people have said, “This is my favorite CD.” And one person told us, “I listen to it on the way to work, and I can hear the songs playing inside me throughout the day. I have to stop and think…I know the CD is out in the car, but I’m still hearing the songs. It keeps me feeling centered and grounded throughout the day. I love that.”

You’ll love singing along with these Native American songs and chants! This is destined to become one of your FAVORITE CDs. (Lyrics included when you order the CD)

Get the recording everyone’s been asking for! Order today for only $17 (includes shipping!)


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